About Siset

Siset is a design Studio that creates thoughtful accessories for you and your home. Our goal is to create high quality products that are timeless, responsible, practical, and long lasting. We believe everything in our surroundings influences our lives and that the spaces we inhabit are a creative expression of ourselves. Our mission is to create designs that connect with you, enhance your living experience, and inspire your extraordinary life.

Our Story...

Siset was founded by sisters Viviana and Alejandra Restrepo. They were born in Colombia three years apart, and during their teenage years they moved to Miami. Their entrepreneurial spirit comes from their father, and their passion for the arts comes from their mother who is an accomplished sculptor. Viviana and Alejandra always knew their professional lives would naturally exist at the intersection of business and design. Viviana has a background in Graphic Design and Architecture, while Alejandra focuses in Interior Design. Sharing a similar education, and an almost identical design aesthetic in their work, a sisterly collaboration was bound to happen. In 2015 Alejandra relocated from Miami to Los Angeles, and for the very first time the sisters lived thousands of miles apart. Their drive to become independent business women united the sisters in this new venture. Viviana and Alejandra founded Siset as an opportunity to stay connected to one another despite the geographical distance, to exchange ideas, to push their creativity, and make beautiful mindful products for every extraordinary woman out there.

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